How does fumigation work, and what is the best chemical used for fumigation?

Pest problems can come in many different forms and thanks to modern fumigation techniques, infestations can be dealt with quickly and effectively.


What is fumigation?

Fumigation is a method of pest control that involves using gaseous chemicals in an enclosed area to remove unwanted pest species.

The gas is held in the secured space for a designated amount of time to ensure the pest is eradicated before being safely aired and provided with a fumigation certificate.

It is a process that must only be undertaken by a licenced and competent fumigant specialist because it can pose a risk to human health.

For that reason, we always recommend the procedure is carried out by a reputable company that understands the importance of complying with the relevant UK’s health and safety regulations.

What are the types of chemical used for fumigation?

Different fumigants are used depending on the type of pest infestation, whether it is small mammals, insects or rodents. Below we have detailed some of the most commonly used chemicals, including the two main fumigants our team regularly uses.

Sulfuryl Fluoride

This chemical is used as a structural and commodity fumigant to control a range of pests such as stored product insects, beetles, termites, bedbugs, moths, cockroaches, rats and mice. Our team regularly uses this fumigant as it is safe for use around stored products and food goods.

Metallic Phosphides

This fumigant comes in a solid form and is the other one used by our team against insects and rodents in stored grain. Once placed, the metal phosphides immediately react with water and any moisture in the surrounding area to produce phosphine gas, eradicating pests.

Methyl bromide

Methyl bromide is banned in Europe in 2005 because of its damaging effects on the environmental (under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer)



So What is the best chemical used for fumigation?

Technically, there is no best chemical used for fumigation because every job is different and therefore requires a tailored fumigation service.

There is a range of fumigants our team is experienced using, and before undertaking any job we always discuss the options available with the client to ensure the desired outcome.


What chemicals does Urban Hawks use for fumigation?

Our highly trained team have provided fumigation services for almost three decades across the UK and, throughout that time, has favoured two main fumigants.

We have found that sulfuryl fluoride and metallic phopshides have provided our clients with the safest and most effective results.

Each of these can deeply penetrate the space, eradicating all species without harming products or the surrounding area.


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