Our UK Fumigation Services:

Shipping Containers & BMSB Treatments
Grain stores & Silos
Commodities Under sheet
Buildings including Flour Mills, Food Factories, Warehouses etc..
Gas Testing & Clearance
Pre-Harvest treatments

Benefits of Fumigation:

Full eradication of pests
All life stages of insects susceptible
Deep penetration of product, materials and building fabric (Conventional pesticides only treat the surface)
No Toxic residues left after treatment

Want to guard against the spread of pests?

Or have you discovered an infestation and need professionals to provide a cure before it damages business?

Fumigill provides effective and targeted fumigation services to keep your space pest-free and compliant with the latest regulations.

For the past quarter-century, our trained and certified staff has kept happy a growing list of customers from all sectors at locations in the North West of England and across the UK.

What fumigation services do we provide?

Our extensive experience as fumigation specialists means we recognise the detrimental impact pest problems can have on a company.

From the health of workers and members of the public to the legal and financial implications for industries, at Fumigill we understand the importance of dealing with infestations quickly and efficiently.

Our first-class fumigation services include:

Urban Hawks Fumigation Services

Shipping Containers


We provide treatments to eliminate the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) at locations throughout the UK.

Shipping containers are used to carry raw materials and finished goods from export to importing countries. Our team can fumigate these spaces before export or on arrival at the destination, reducing logistic costs and saving time.

Harmful gases and fumigants can build up during transit, and it is imperative that gas testing and clearance are undertaken before goods are unloaded.

We offer fumigation, gas testing and gas safe certification at ports, rail terminals and in warehouses.

Commodities Under Sheet

We regularly assist customers throughout the UK with fumigation services to deal with affected goods under gas-proof sheets.

Many raw materials and finished goods can be affected by stored product insect or moth infestations while in storage.

Thankfully, boxed, bagged and palletised commodities can be treated by our team if adequate space and a risk area can be provided at your premises.

Grain Stores & Silos

Our team is regularly employed to assist the agriculture sector with infested grain stores and silos.

Grain is often stored in large quantities for prolonged periods, making it the ideal breeding ground for stored product insects.

If the grain is not monitored, a small number of insects can multiply quickly and destroy the product. Once an active infestation takes hold of the product, the only real control is professional fumigation.



Food manufacturers have invested in purpose-built fumigation chambers, which are used to treat infested and highp-risk products safely before entering the the manufacturing facility.

If you have chambers at your site, or are looking to invest in this type of facility, we offer a consultation prior to building and can provide regular service treatments afterwards.

Building Fumigation

We are licensed to use sulfuryl fluoride, which is an approved fumigant in the UK for treating structures including flour mills, food factories and warehousing.

Using precision fumigation monitoring techniques, our team ensures that the correct concentration levels are achieved to target the pest species, whether it is stored product insects, moths, or wood boring insects.

Gas testing and clearance

Alongside our fumigation services, we also offer gas testing and clearance at ports, rail terminals and warehousing throughout the UK.

During transit, harmful gases and fumigants can build up, so our team works to safely air imported cargo and provide clearance certificates.

We also carry out fumigation on exports prior to departure and ensure they have been safely aired and all gases are below safe workplace exposure limits before providing a clearance certificate.

Pre-harvest treatments

Our team is trained to eradicate pest species and provide pre-harvest grain store cleaning and treatments to help reduce the risk of an infestation once the commodity is stored.

With our know-how, carrying out pre-harvest treatment of grain stores and regular inspections afterwards will help prevent large-scale infestations of stored bulk grains.

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