A Fumigation certificate is an integral part of the fumigation process.

Without these important documents, it is impossible to prove that shipping containers and cargo have been through the mandatory fumigation procedure required for international imports and exports.

But what is a fumigation certificate, and how do you get one?

Here we will explain everything you need to know about fumigation certificates for your business.


What is a fumigation certificate?

A fumigation certificate, also known as a pest control certificate, is a document to confirm that cargo have been fumigated prior to shipping.

The document will contain details of the fumigant gases used, the purpose of the treatment, temperature range and confirmation it has been safely aired and is below safe WEL (workplace exposure limits).


How do you get a fumigation certificate in the UK?

To receive a fumigation certificate, your cargo must be properly fumigated by a licenced pest control specialist.

The process involves sealing off the cargo or space that requires fumigating and clearing the area of all personnel. Once the room is secured, fumigant gases are released and held at a set concentration for a set period of time.

After this time has elapsed, any pest species present will be successfully eradicated without causing any damage to the cargo. The space will then be safely aired and tested to ensure it is below safe workplace exposure limits.

As soon as the space is confirmed safe for workers to return to, your pest control specialist will issue a fumigation certificate which documents that the cargo is free from pest species and safe to export.


Do you need a licence for pest control?

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) recommends that anyone involved in pest control in the UK should have a basic knowledge and understanding of pest control.

This can be achieved by studying the Foundation Certificate in Pest Management.

However, when it comes to pest control that involves fumigation in the UK, it is a legal requirement that anyone who carries out Fumigation must be qualified to Level 3 -Use of Fumigation in Invertabrate Pest Management and have completed specific modules linked to each type of fumigation.

Fumigants can be incredibly hazardous to human health, and it is vital that only licenced and experienced fumigant specialists manage these gases.

We always recommend employing the services of a professional, experienced and licenced fumigation specialist such as Fumigill to ensure the job is carried out safely and legally.


In need of a fumigation certificate?

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