Falconry Deterrent

For more than 25 years, Urban Hawks has provided specialist falcon pest control services across the North West of England to business and domestic clients.

There are many areas where bird proofing measures cannot be implemented. This could be due to the size of, or access to, a structure being prohibitive, or perhaps due to financial constraints.

Where birds become an issue at industrial sites, shopping centres, sports stadia, amenity areas, or any other large space, falconry bird deterrent programs can be an effective method of control.

Hawks and falcons are natural predators to most pest birds, making them ideal to scare away birds from areas where other forms of control are not feasible.

Hawks are perfect for working in urban and industrial zones because they like to move from perch to perch, hunting prey just like they would in the wild. They can be used effectively, both internally and externally, in locations such as warehouses, shopping centres, and schools.

Urban Hawks Falconry

How does falcon pest control work?

Falcons (Peregrine) are the fastest animals on the planet, and natural predators of gulls and other pest species. The sight of a falcon in an area immediately alerts birds to their presence, and in some instances the site will be clear before the bird even takes flight.  This can quickly encourage the pest species to seek out a new area where they can safely nest. Falcons are great for use in large open spaces or over factory roofs that have nesting gull colonies.

With many years of experience and knowledge to call upon, our team can implement a range of different falconry pest control techniques to deter species effectively. We ensure every client is provided with a comprehensive site survey together with a tailored program specific to their requirements, reducing the issues associated with birds that they have.

Why use falcons as pest control?

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Part I) ensures the protection of all wild birds, their nest, and eggs, which makes it an offence to kill, injure, or destroy a nest or egg of any wild bird. We find that many of our client’s developments and projects are often halted by birds and their nests on site, which is where we come in. There are exceptions to this law that allow us to place deterrents in the area to stop wildlife nesting and ensure it doesn’t return to the site.

Falcons have been proven to be a quick and efficient method of unsettling pest species, forcing them to nest further afield. Our team has worked with highly trained birds of prey for many years and have solved all pest issues for our clients.

Why choose Urban Hawks?

After more than quarter of a century operating in the sector, our team has a comprehensive understanding of how best to manage the relationship between predator and prey in an urban environment to ensure any pest problem can be solved. Our staff is highly trained, and will always adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines to guarantee every job is completed to the highest standards, with safety being at the heart of everything we do.

Our falconry dispersal and disruption programs are proven to be effective, and we have a long list of happy customers to point to as proof.

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