Fumigation of Buildings Mills Food Factories

With over 25 years of experience at fumigating buildings through out the UK. We provide Pest Fumigation of Buildings Mills Food Factories warehouses throughout the UK.

Fumigill are the premier building fumigators you can trust.

The treatment of flour mills, food factories, processing and warehouses can be undertaken by us. Exposure periods can be as little as 12hrs which keeps your shut down period to a minimum.

Urban Hawks Building Fumigation

We are licensed to use Sulfuryl Fluoride which is an approved fumigant in the UK for Pest Fumigation of Buildings Mills Food Factories warehouses.

Sulfuryl Fluoride is approved for use against Stored Product Insects, Moth and Wood Boring insects.

The use of precision fumigation monitoring techniques ensure’s the correct fumigant levels are achieved for the target pest.

All life stages of insects are susceptible to the fumigants we use and many species are treatable.

If you have a facility which has a long standing or deep routed infestation which conventional pest management strategies are not eradicating then structural fumigation could be the solution.


Conventional pesticides such as surface sprays, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging etc.. have no penetrative qualities. They only ever kill the insects which are in the air space or on surfaces.

Most of the time this only effects the adult insects as the egg, pupa and  larvae stages are buried deep within the structure or commodity.

Over a period of time (usually a couple of week) insects are again witnessed and further treatment is required.

You are probably told that its down to poor hygiene and cleaning practices, which in some cases maybe true. But we know keeping a flour mill completely free from spillages is not easy.

Product spillages get into cracks and crevices and build up in machinery. It is time consuming, labour intensive and costly to get into all these areas of a large site. But this is where the egg, pupa and larvae are and if not addressed an infestation will arise. The cycle and cost continues!


A fumigant is a GAS which penetrates deep into packaging, commodity, machinery and structural fabrics. It targets the insect at all stages and can provide complete eradication.

After treatment all areas are checked to ensure that all traces of gas are removed before the site is handed back to the client.

No toxic residues will remain and gas clearance and treatment certificates will be issued.

Your site will be pest free and if good practices are implemented there is no reason to think it wont stay that way.

Contact us via telephone or email and we will discuss in more detail the benefits of fumigation.

If you want any extra information on any of our services, be sure to contact us either by phone or email. We are here to answer any further queries and offer a free consultancy process to discuss the issue thoroughly before actioning a procedure.