Bird Proofing Netting & Spike

Birds are notorious for causing problems in urban areas and, if they aren’t dealt with, can pose a serious health risk.

Pest species, like pigeons, can quickly become an unwelcome nuisance at a property because they can be messy, noisy and, most concerningly, unhygienic. That’s why bird proofing is important.

At Urban Hawks, our team of specialists provides a range of effective bird proofing services.

The process starts with a site survey to determine which deterrents will work best, and can be carried out with minimum disruption to your business.

Urban Hawks Bird Proofing

What is bird proofing?

Bird proofing is the most effective way of removing birds from a site and uses physical, visual and auditory deterrents to prevent pests from perching or nesting on buildings. Implemented effectively, these solutions form a physical barrier that prevents birds from entering your site.

Many methods are available for bird proofing like bird netting, wires and spike systems, repellent or visual gels, and electric track systems.

Which is most suitable for your site is based on several factors such as structure, environment and budget.

How to identify a bird control issue

When identifying pest bird issues, we categorise sites by determining whether they are high, medium or low pressure.

High Pressure nest sites

Sites with a high number of birds nesting and congregating daily are categorised as high-pressure nest sites. Here, we would expect to see high levels of guano (droppings), feathers, debris, and birds generally causing a nuisance while scavenging for sources of food.

In this instance, the best and most effective form of bird control is exclusion.

This can be undertaken via the installation of netting, wires and spike systems, which are effective if used correctly.

The team at Urban Hawks possesses many years of experience, enjoying great success installing these types of systems.

We will be more than happy to advise on which method will be most effective in solving your problem.

Occasionally, not all systems mentioned will be feasible due to site or building structure constraints. In those cases, we will recommended an alternative bird control solution.

Medium Pressure perch sites

Sites where pest birds are regularly seen congregating and perching but not nesting are categorised as medium-pressure perch sites. These locations may be attractive to birds because they overlook a food source area or are sheltered from the elements.

In this instance, we recommend cost-effective bird proofing solutions ranging from netting and spike, bird wire, repellent or visual gels and electric track systems. These effectively deter birds from your site and let them know that it is no longer hospitable.

Low Pressure sites

Sites where pest birds occasionally perch and regularly return to, causing a low-level nuisance, are categorised as low-pressure sites.

These sites often benefit from cost-effective solutions such as bird gels or bird spike systems that deter pest species from returning. 

What are the methods of bird proofing?

There are a number of discreet and effective bird proofing solutions offered by our team at Urban Hawks.

The key methods are:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Bird Gel
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Falconry

Prior to undertaking any bird proofing job, our team will always disinfect the area, remove all traces of guano (droppings) and nesting materials before finishing with a disinfectant.

We always ensure the site is left clean, safe and bird-free.

Why choose Urban Hawks for bird proofing

With over 25 years in the field, the team at Urban Hawks has a comprehensive understanding of how best to manage bird pest problems in all urban environments.

Every staff member is highly trained, and will always adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines to ensure that the job is completed to the highest standards.

Our bird proofing solutions are incredibly effective and have helped countless clients over the years. We have been proud to work on commercial sites such as supermarkets, shopping centres, waste disposal sites and sports stadiums to manage pest birds.

If you suspect a bird infestation on your property and would like to know more about how best to manage the situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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