Bird Control Solutions

For over 25 years, we have been proud to provide Bird Control Solutions to commercial and domestic clients in the North West and across the UK. Our Urban Hawks team are highly trained and experienced in quickly and efficiently managing any bird infestation problems disrupting your site’s day-to-day running.

With all wild birds, nests and eggs in the UK being protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, removing pest birds from your site can be challenging. However, with the bird control methods implemented by our team, we can guarantee that any infestation is dealt with safely and legally, ensuring they do not return.

What is bird control?

Bird Control is the method of removing pest bird infestations or deterring them from landing and nesting. Utilising pest control solutions in urban and industrial environments is incredibly important for many industries. Not only can birds be disruptive, but their faeces can be hazardous to human health and damage property and equipment. Bird control comes in many forms, from visual and physical deterrents to multi-sensory deterrents and trained birds of prey.

Types of Bird Control

Bird Proofing 

Bird proofing is the best way to not only prevent bird infestations but also ensure they do not return to your site. This method is one of the most effective ways of keeping pest birds away from an area as it physically prevents them from entering. Our Pest Bird Control Solutions offer a range of proofing methods, such as spikes, netting, and wires.

Bird Solutions

Egg & Nest Removal 

There are many species of bird, such as gulls which live in colonies with thousands of birds and hundreds of nests. Over the years, their presence in urban areas has increased, resulting in damage to properties and risks to human health.

Under The Wildlife and Countryside act 1981, it is against the law in the UK to kill, injure or destroy any bird, nest or eggs. However, there are safe and legal methods of managing this issue.

Our team regularly undertakes surveys and advises clients on the best course of action for successfully removing nests and eggs from their site. As part of this service, we are able to implement colony control programs which will reduce issues associated with nesting birds.

Falconry Disruption & Dispersal Programs

Falcons and hawks are the natural predators of many pest bird species, making them one of the most effective methods of scaring birds from an area. Falconry is useful when it is too late to implement prevention methods and helps ensure other birds do not return to the site.

Our trained birds of prey are often used in urban and industrial environments and can operate inside and outside properties. This method is exceedingly effective and one that we’ve used many times for our clients in the past.

Bird Solutions

Bird Dropping Removal & Disinfection

One of the biggest issues of pest birds is guano (bird droppings) which can present a very serious risk to human health through direct contact or inhalation. Birds are notorious for carrying a number of diseases which is why as part of our bird control solutions, we will disinfect and clean areas contaminated with guano after a survey has been undertaken.

Bird Nesting Mitigation

With increasingly stringent Environmental legislation being enforced to protect our environment and wildlife, measures must be taken to ensure development projects are compliant with planning consent.

Urban Hawks have many years of experience providing bird mitigation plans for large construction projects. Our team use a range of non-lethal methods to ensure the risk of nesting birds does not negatively impact your development.

Bird Solutions

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Using audio and visual deterrents in an area is another useful and effective method of preventing birds from gathering and scaring away existing infestations. After surveying the site, our team can install these systems in areas where we feel they would be most effective or within any areas where nesting is a particular problem.

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We are proud at Urban Hawks to provide bird control solutions to clients and industries nationwide.

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