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You may have heard of hydrogen peroxide being used for disinfecting cuts, whitening teeth and even dying hair, but did you know that it is also used as a fumigant?


In this article, we explore the uses of hydrogen peroxide for fumigation, how it works, and whether it is an effective treatment for pest control.


Can hydrogen peroxide be used for fumigation?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for fumigating, but unlike other fumigants it works mainly as a surface decontaminant.

Often, hydrogen peroxide fumigation is used in processes like disinfecting air handling systems, including HEPA filters.

However, when it comes to pest control fumigation, it’s not a regularly used or recommended chemical.

What concentration of hydrogen peroxide should be used for fumigation?

Once the head fumigator has ensured the temperature and humidity levels are stable, a hydrogen peroxide concentration of 35 per cent will be vaporised and released in the space.

It’s then evenly distributed throughout and held at this concentration for a set period. Once the head fumigator is happy it has been held long enough to fumigate the area successfully, it will be safely aired.

Hydrogen peroxide fumigation protocol

The protocol for hydrogen peroxide fumigation is the same as for any fumigation treatment. It begins with removing personnel from the area that is being treated. Even at low concentrations, hydrogen peroxide poses a serious risk to human health, causing respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Once the space is cleared and sealed, the fumigation treatment can begin with the fumigant being distributed throughout and held at a set concentration.

When enough time has elapsed, the space will be vented and degassed before the head fumigator issues a clearance certificate.

Alternative fumigation chemicals to hydrogen peroxide

At Fumigill, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of everyone on-site during a procedure.

While hydrogen peroxide can be applied as a fumigant, it is not one that our team uses because of the risk to human health and its lack of efficacy.

To ensure a successful treatment, our team uses the industry-preferred Pro Fumes fumigant sulfuryl fluoride.

This gaseous chemical has been specially developed as a broad-spectrum fumigant by researchers and pest control professionals worldwide.

It is effective in eradicating all life stages of unwanted pest species and can be safely used in a range of settings using just one treatment.

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