How to stop birds getting under my roof tiles 

According to research, the UK has a breeding bird population of over 84 million pairs that play a vital role in ensuring our country’s ecosystem remains balanced. That being said, when birds get under roof tiles, they can not only cause structural damage to properties, but their presence can also affect human health.

In this article, we will explain the dangers of birds getting under your roof and how to safely remove and prevent birds from nesting there in the future.

What damage can birds cause to a roof?

Birds may seem harmless, but if they start nesting under your roof tiles, they can cause damage in a number of ways.

The first area of your property to be damaged will inevitably be your roof tiles, especially if they are already cracked or loose. Birds can quickly make any roofing issues worse by nesting underneath. The introduction of nest debris, insects and more can soon start to cause structural damage inside the property if left too long.

Alongside damaging roof tiles, birds can cause damage to your guttering which they often choose to nest in. Gutters are ideal for birds to nest, offering high up shelter and a freshwater supply, but again, they can cause damage. Birds nests will block your properties drainage system, which can cause water to overflow onto your roof and even cause water damage inside the property.

Where there are birds, you will also find dropping, and if birds are nesting under your roof tiles, this will quickly become an issue. Bird droppings not only make your property look unsanitary, but they can also be harmful to human health. The uric acid found in bird dropping is extremely high and can corrode your roof over time and cause health problems in humans and pets.

How to remove birds from nesting under roof tiles

Removing birds from any site is tricky with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 part 1 making it illegal for anyone to remove or destroy a bird, its nest or eggs. Once a bird has nested, removal becomes tricky, but there are a few bird proofing methods that safely and legally encourage birds to move to another site.

Structural Alterations

Bird spikes, bird gels, parallel wires, and bird netting effectively keep birds away from roofs, eaves, and guttering as they create physical barriers that deter birds from nesting in the area.

Audio Visual Deterrents

Specialists can install lasers and acoustics scarers onto the roofing where birds nest to make this area less inviting.

Falconry deterrents

If you have a larger property, other deterrents may not be as practical, so many people employ the help of falcon pest control specialists. Predatory birds can fly through the area, mimicking their hunting pattern to scare away any pest birds and letting them know that your property is not safe to nest in.

How to prevent birds from nesting under roof tiles

Preventing birds from nesting under your roof tiles begins with a mitigation plan that should be planned well before the nesting season. Clogged gutters often invite birds to nest on roofs as they contain the perfect materials to build nests. Ensuring that your roof, guttering and property are regularly maintained and kept clear of dirt and debris will help to keep birds away. Any loose roof tiles should also be fixed or replaced ahead of nesting season to stop them from nesting underneath and damaging your property further.

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