If you are considering whether to have your site fumigated, or have made arrangements already, you will likely have questions about the process.

To help you understand fumigation preparation, this article will provide the answers.

What fumigation services are available?

At Fumigill, we have an experienced team ready to provide customers throughout the UK with a wide range of fumigation services.

We understand how important it is for your business to be functioning as normal without the health hazards and legal complications of a pest problem.

Our staff are prepared to deal with any infestation quickly and discreetly.

Our fumigation offer extends to:

  • Shipping containers and brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) treatments
  • Grain stores and silos
  • Commodities under sheet
  • Chambers
  • Timber and logs
  • Buildings including flour mills, food factories, warehouses
  • Gas testing and clearance
  • Pre-harvest treatments

What are the benefits of fumigation?

Fumigation can benefit a wide range of industries with commercial, industrial, agricultural and even maritime facilities.

Pest problems pose severe risks to the daily operations of your business, from human health to product damage.

As a result, there are several reasons why using fumigation services provides a solution:

  • We understand that time is money, and when it comes to a pest problem, it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The benefit of using fumigation is that it not only ensures the total eradication of pests at all stages of their life cycle, but can also be completed within 12 hours.
  • You may consider dealing with your pest problem using conventional pesticides, but these will only treat the surface areas. Fumigation penetrates deep into the fabric of the building, covering all products and materials for complete eradication.
  • Fumigation is much safer when compared to other forms of pest control because no toxic residues remain (provided a licenced fumigant specialist carries it out).

When should you choose fumigation services?

There are many forms of pest control available, especially when it concerns business-related sites and properties. However, the choice of fumigation is usually advised for several reasons, most notably time and money.

Fumigation is a time-sensitive form of pest control that works quickly and efficiently to rid an area of unwanted species. If you are working to tight deadlines, often the case at ports and freight rail terminals that deal with imports and exports, fumigation is the recommended course of action.

It can also be a more cost-effective choice because it is guaranteed to deal with pest species from the BMSB to stored product insects. You can be sure that eggs and adults are eradicated then and there, so you won’t have to payout for pest control measures endlessly.

How (or where) to check for signs of infestation

Where you will find pest species depends entirely on the type of pest you are dealing with.

For example, one of the most common fumigation services our team carries out is to eradicate the brown marmorated stink bug – a rampant agricultural pest.

Commercial properties like ports and warehouses will often find this species out in the sun during warmer months (the BMSB risk season). However, they are a year-round pest, so they will also be present during the autumn and winter months, hibernating in properties, vehicles and factories until the spring.

Pest species can be found in a range of locations, but it will usually become quickly apparent if an infestation is present.

What are the steps to prepare for fumigation?

Fumigation preparation begins by communicating with your chosen fumigation specialist. As part of the service, they will be happy to outline the necessary fumigation preparation steps and actions that must be taken to ensure that health and safety regulations are followed. This process will likely include a risk assessment, identifying designated fumigation areas, installing signage, and providing those working on-site with appropriate protective equipment.

How long does fumigation take?

The length of fumigation treatments depends entirely on the type of treatment carried out and the targeted species. However, our treatments have an exposure period of just 12 hours, so once fumigation is complete, it won’t be long before normal operations can continue. If you would like more information on how long fumigation of your site would take, feel free to get in contact with our team, who can assist you further.

What should you do once fumigation is complete?

Once the fumigation treatment has been completed, there will be a period that you are required to wait before it is safely aired and you are issued with a clearance certificate.

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