How to get birds out of warehouses

It is not uncommon to find birds inside warehouses; they are the perfect spot for them to seek shelter and even nest. Warehouses will often have large open doors and windows that allow birds easy access, but their presence can cause many safety issues. In this article, we will be discussing the problem with allowing birds into your warehouse, how to remove birds from warehouses and how to prevent access in the future.

Dangers of Birds in Warehouses

Birds may appear harmless, but they can cause a range of serious problems once inside your warehouse. The first major problem is that the presence of birds can often go against a range of health code violations across industries. Bird droppings are notorious for breaching health codes and can potentially result in warehouses having to close, face fines or even legal action.

Aside from being incredibly unsanitary and dangerous to human health, bird droppings can also create safety hazards. Those inside the warehouse can slip, fall and trip on bird droppings and other debris caused by the birds.

Birds are also known for causing property and equipment damage within warehouses, with their acidic droppings being corrosive to roofs, paint, machines and other equipment. They can also cause substantial structural damage to the building and equipment from excessive pecking when nesting.

Aside from the critical health and safety concerns, the presence of birds is generally not good for business. For bird droppings to be cleaned and cleared, employees may have to stop work, decreasing productivity and generally, this process is incredibly distracting to employees and visitors alike.

How do you get birds out of warehouses and prevent more from entering?

UK law dictates that once a bird has nested, the bird, its nest, and eggs cannot be removed, so when you see a bird enter your warehouse, immediate action should be taken. The longer a bird is in your building, the more likely it is for other birds to follow suit.

Start by identifying any entrances to the warehouses and closing them all off; this can include open doors and windows, broken parts of your roof, walls or windows. By securing each of these areas, you can stop birds from entering and exit your warehouse freely.

The next step is to make your warehouse a less inviting and hospitable environment for birds by securing any areas that offer birds a shelter to nest. This process could include filling in any gaps in high places, putting up spikes and wiring or investing in other deterrents.

These methods should help remove any existing birds from your site before they nest but to ensure there are no future bird problems, you will want to invest in a more robust deterrent system. There is a range of cost and time effective deterrents available to keep birds away. But, for long term peace of mind, it is always advisable to consult a Bird Control Solution specialist who can create a system tailored to the needs of your property.

Get in touch with bird nest removal company

If you are struggling with pest birds in your warehouse, it is essential that you address the problem as soon as possible. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 part 1 ensures the protection of all wild birds, their nest and eggs, but with the help of Urban Hawks, your infestation issue can be quickly resolved.

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