We are fully qualified to undertake the following fumigations:

Shipping Containers
Grain stores & Silos
Commodities Under sheet
Space Fumigation, Buildings, Warehouses, Mills etc..
Gas Testing & Clearance
Pre-Harvest treatments

Benefits of Fumigation:

100% eradication of pests
All life stages of insects susceptible
Deep penetration of product materials (Conventional pesticides only treat the surface)
No Toxic residues left after treatment

Fumigation is a highly specialist area of pest control. So specialised that Urban Hawks are one of only a handful of companies in the UK who have the experience and qualifications to undertake treatments.

We use metallic phosphides which produce a fumigant gas within an air tight space. The gas penetrates deep into commodities and materials and targets the pest species inside. Fumigation is very effective in targeting Stored Product insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths. SPIs can infest grain and bulk commodities such as grain, cereals, nuts, cocoa and animal feed – along with other raw materials used within food manufacture.  All life stages of the pests are effected and after ventilation no toxic residues are left on goods.

We are based centrally in the North West of England and can provide our fumigation services anywhere within the UK.

We can treat edible commodities, finished goods, raw materials and bulk commodities against insect infestations.

We have experience at working on Ports, Rail freight terminals, grain stores, silos and warehousing across the UK. So whatever the situation and extent of problem call us for a quote.

Fully Industry certified and with 23 years’ experience we can provide services to virtually all sectors.

Urban Hawks Fumigation Services

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are used to carry raw materials and finished goods from export to importing countries. They can be fumigated before export or on arrival at destination keeping logistic costs and timing reduced.

Harmful gases as well as fumigants can build up during transit and it is imperative that gas testing and clearance is undertaken before goods are unloaded. We offer fumigation, gas testing and clearance at Ports, Rail terminals and warehousing.

Urban Hawks Pest Fumigation
Urban Hawks Pest Fumigation

Commodities Under Sheet

Raw materials and finished goods can be effected by stored product or moth infestations whilst in storage. Boxed, bagged and palletised commodities can be treated if adequate space and a risk area can be provided at clients premises. We can arrange to attend site and fumigate the effected goods under gas proof sheets.

Grain Stores & Silos

These situations are ideal breading grounds for stored product insects as large amounts of raw food materials are stored for prolonged periods of time. A small number of insects can multiply very quickly and devastate the product. Once an active infestation takes hold the only real control is fumigation.

Pre – harvest treatment of grain stores and regular inspections will greatly help prevent large scale infestations of stored bulk grains.

Urban Hawks Pest Fumigation
Urban Hawks Chambers


Some food manufactures have invested in purpose built Fumigation Chambers which are used to put infested and high risk products into for safe and effective treatment before entering the manufacturing facility. If you have chambers at your site or are looking to invest in this facility we can provide consultation prior to build and offer regular service treatments at your site.

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For any fumigation solutions, contact us at Urban Hawks today. We specialise in almost all areas of fumigation to get rid of an infestation. We pride ourselves on our fumigation service, with each procedure concluded as effective.

If you want any extra information on any of our services, be sure to contact us either by phone or email. We are here to answer any further queries and offer a free consultancy process to discuss the issue thoroughly before actioning a procedure.