The brown marmorated stink bug originated in China, Japan, and Korea but has plagued the agricultural industry across the globe for the last few decades. Over the past 100 years, globalisation has led to a rise in these non-native pests freely travelling to other continents and causing a whole host of issues. As a result, pest control measures are now frequently used in warehouses, factories, shipping sites and more to curb the spread of stink bugs.

Our team at Urban Hawks is regularly called in to help deal with stink bug infestation in vehicles and machinery for export to Australia and New Zealand to meet their import requirements and prevent the spread of BMSB. Because of this we are often asked about how dangerous this pest is. To help answer some of these questions, we’ve put together this article of our most frequently asked questions regarding the danger this pest poses to humans.

Do stink bugs bite or sting?

No, stink bugs do not bite or sting humans or other animals even if they feel threatened. Unlike bugs such as bed bugs or mosquitos, the brown marmorated stink bug does not feed on human blood. The structure of a stink bug’s mouth does not enable it to bite through, pierce or even sting human skin. The most they are capable of is penetrating through fruit and vegetable crops.

Are stink bugs harmful to humans?

Generally, stink bugs are not harmful to humans, but as their name suggests, this smelly pest can release an unpleasant chemical when disturbed or crushed. Whilst this chemical is usually just unpleasant in smell, some people will be allergic to the compounds released.

This allergy can result in a runny nose and, in some cases, dermatitis, which is why it is never recommended to handle a stink bug, especially if it has been crushed. If you come into contact with one, it is advised to quickly wash the exposed skin with soap and water.

Are stink bugs poisonous?

Stink bugs are technically classified as poisonous due to the chemical compound they release when threatened or crushed. However, they are nowhere near as poisonous as insects and bugs that inject their venom into humans and animals.

Can you contract a disease from stink bugs?

No, you cannot contract a disease from a stink bug as they are not a carrier or spreader of diseases.

Overall, the brown marmorated stink bug is not a danger to you, your pets or your home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful. The damage they cause to the environment and the agricultural industry is an ongoing battle that many countries continuously have to deal with.

If you have noticed any stink bugs, their eggs or suspect there is an infestation, it is important to get in touch with a professional pest control service.

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