Many items of product including raw and finished goods, packaging and materials can be treated effectively under gas proof sheets to completely eliminate pest infestations. Palletised and bulk goods can be treated in situ provided an adequate risk area can be maintained. Treatment can be undertaken on as little as 1 cubic meter to many thousands of cubic meter of product in one go.

This can reduce logistic costs and time in having the items moved. It can also prevent infested goods coming in and infesting your storage and production facilities.

stack fumigation

At the end of the treatment all toxic gases are removed through forced ventilation via ducting which moves the harmful concentrations out of the fumigation/risk area and dispersed into free air space away from working areas.

We take gas measurements to ensure efficacy of treatment and to ensure there are no levels of toxic gas above the Occupational Exposure Standards (OES) and Maximum Exposure Limit (MEL). On completion you will receive gas free clearance and certificate of fumigation documentation.